Seven Applications of Revelation

Why did God give us the book of Revelation?

Dr. Dennis Johnson, professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary California, answers this question this way:

“God gave us the Apocalypse shown to John in order to bless us — to do us good, to convey His grace, to fortify our hearts.”

He then lists seven ways the book of Revelation should be applied:

  1. Revelation helps Christians see our situation in its true perspective.
  2. Revelation shows our enemies in their true colors.
  3. Revelation reveals our Champion in his true glory.
  4. Revelation enables us to see ourselves in our true beauty.
  5. Revelation summons us to endure as we suffer.
  6. Revelation calls us to stay pure when compromise invites.
  7. Revelation encourages us to bear witness as God waits.

This is a wonderful list of applications, and I encourage you to check out Johnson’s work in fleshing them out in his commentary on Revelation, Triumph of the Lamb. He provides a summary of these points in the January 2012 edition of Tabletalk magazine.

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