Family Fun Time Videos!

At the request demand of several friends and relatives who live too far away, I’ve made several new videos of our kids. Hope you enjoy them. We get to enjoy these two all the time!

Like his daddy, Nate LOVES books, words, and letters. Also, like his daddy, he’s using Dr. Seuss’s ABC book to learn his alphabet (the very same copy, in fact… thanks, Mom!). By the way, I especially like this book because it teachers meter implicitly as it teaches letters explicitly. It’s wonderful to be able to combine reading with musical elements!

And, just to prove that he hasn’t simply memorized the alphabet as a pattern, I had him name all the letters on the computer keyboard for additional practice:

I look forward to someday soon getting to teach Carrie her alphabet, too. She’s taking after her brother already in many other ways! Remember this video from 1-year-old Nate?

Well, Carrie’s been practicing some sleep eating of her own. I’m going to have to work with Nate on not being a camera/attention hog…

I love how much laughter we have in our home! Carrie is pretty much always either singing, talking, or laughing. Unless, of course, she’s scheming. Such as about 50 seconds into this video, when the amusement is wearing off and she is trying to figure out how she can get that frog into her mouth.

I’ve saved my personal favorite for last. One of my most cherished times of the day is when I work with Nate on learning the Catechism for Young Children. So far, question 3 is undoubtedly the one he enjoys the most!

Another big thanks to Caleb Cangelosi for the recommendation of the Family Worship Book, which has many resources (including the Children’s catechism) that we’re using in our home.

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