Top Five Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul

First, a note about my recent blogging: Though it may appear that I’ve abandoned the stated goals for this blog in favor of shilling for Ron Paul, I don’t feel this is the case. One of my highest priorities in my writing is to investigate the intersection of faith and culture, and the arena of politics is one of the most important areas in which this happens. I believe it is vitally important for Christians to think hard about political issues, and to develop political convictions consistent with our faith. In the last few weeks, I have attempted this exercise in thinking in public about the purpose and particulars of government. I realize, of course, that other Christians will develop different convictions, and am thankful that we can unite in Christ even while divided over political issues. Regardless of your convictions, I hope you have been challenged by my efforts here. I have a few more posts in this series that are still forthcoming, but have already written about the top five considerations that have led me to support Ron Paul for President. Here they are (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. He is the only true small government candidate.
  2. He is the only candidate with a consistent voting record to back up the claims that he will reduce spending and help pull our country out of debt.
  3. His understanding of economics in general, and of how economics relates to “moral issues” in particular, far outstrips that of his opponents.
  4. By virtue of his experience as a principled Christian OB/GYN, I trust him more than all other candidates to help end the abominable practice of legal abortion. He is also the only candidate with a Constitutional approach to the issue and a voting record to back it up.
  5. He is the only candidate who opposes the expansion of our unsustainable military empire, and vows to bring our troops home while restoring diplomacy and free trade with all nations.

Like Ron Paul himself, I am more concerned with educating my fellow citizens on these issues than with his actual securing the nomination. Regardless of the results of the Tennessee primary and the 2012 election cycle as a whole, I look forward to continuing the many conversations that have been generated by these blog posts, even as I continue to refine my own views.

Be blessed, and if you live in Tennessee (or another “Super Tuesday” state), go exercise your right to vote today!

P.S. – For a “how-to” guide to the Tennessee primary ballot, see my post from earlier this morning.

P.P.S. – You’ll notice that I did not include on this list the fact that Ron Paul is an evangelical Christian (the only one on the ballot, in fact). Though I do value the opportunity to vote for someone who shares my faith in Jesus Christ, I do not consider this a primary factor in my voting decision. If, for example, Mitt Romney (a Mormon), Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum (both Catholics) more accurately represented my personal political views than Ron Paul (a Baptist), I would have no problem voting for them.

3 comments on “Top Five Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul

  1. Right Might Rant says:

    Good post. I like Ron Paul for his exceptional understanding of economics and affinity for small government (as you mentioned), but his isolationist philosophy sounds antiquated in a global economy and in a world where terrorists are constantly planning to attack the United States.

    • John Gardner says:

      Thanks for commenting! I used to think exactly the same thing. I’d encourage you to read this post to see why the “isolationist” tag doesn’t stick, and how you really can’t say you like Paul’s economics and small government but think he’s wrong on foreign policy.

      • I enjoyed the post you referenced, and I have read a few of Ron Paul’s books myself, focusing more on the economically focused ones. While isolationist might be a strong word for him, I wonder if he might be too slow to respond if military action is required though. Regardless, I am happy he is in the race to bring attention to his philosophy and to focus on different aspects of these issues.

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