Nate’s Catechism Chart

A few weeks ago I put a video up on Facebook of Nate reciting the first few questions and answers from the catechism we are using to teach him about our faith. Today I wanted to share an update on our progress, as well as some resources that you are free to use if you’d like.

When we decided that we’d like to begin catechizing our kids at a very young age, I made a chart to keep track of our progress. I began with the Catechism for Young Children as a template, but have modified the questions and answers in such a way as to be more accessible for our two-year-old. For now I’ve only charted out the first 45 questions (the Catechism for Young Children has 145), and I can re-evaluate how in-depth he’s able to answer the rest of the questions once we get there… we’re only on #9 so far, so it  may be a while! Here’s the chart:

Nate’s Catechism Chart

And here’s Nate’s progress (we’re still working on getting some consistency with question #9!):

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