It’s a Secret! (Tell Everybody)

Next Friday, there’s an event taking place at Stevens Street Baptist Church that I hope many of you will attend! David Platt, author of Radical and Radical Together, will be simulcasting the latest in the increasingly popular Secret Church gatherings.

Secret Church began a few years ago after Platt spent time training pastors of home churches in areas such as China, where the Church faces persecution. These pastors would travel long distances to hear Platt teach, and would beg him to teach all night long. For many of these pastors, this would be the only formal training they might ever receive.

When Platt returned to the United States and became pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Alabama, he began to have nighttime marathon teaching sessions at his church similar to what he did overseas. The goal was twofold: to train the local church and to raise awareness of the persecution faced by our brothers and sisters in many parts of the world.

Now, these Secret Church meetings aren’t so secret! The last several have been simulcast all over the world, so that Christians everywhere can benefit from his excellent teaching. Each one has a specific topic (this one is “The Cross and Suffering”) which is explored in great detail. The sessions are really intense, but have been some of the most rewarding experiences in my own theological education.

Tickets for Secret Church are available to anyone in the Cookeville area who would like to come (not just SSBC members). They will be available at the information center tomorrow morning, for $5 each. The reason there is a charge, by the way, is to provide a study guide (it’s a pretty nice book, actually – over 200 pages!) and to help offset the actual cost of providing the broadcast. Stevens Street Baptist Church, the Church at Brook Hills, David Platt, and LifeWay Resources are not profiting from this event.

If you have any other questions, please let me know! Hope to see you there.

Here are some promotional videos for this event:

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