Conference Week

I’m in Louisville this week for the Together for the Gospel conference. I’ve been looking forward to it since the last T4G two years ago! I’ll try to blog a quick recap every night (if I still have any brainpower left), but for now I’m just hanging out in a coffee shop with my friend Jeff Wright waiting for the Band of Bloggers luncheon to begin.

This is sort of a pre-conference gathering of Reformed bloggers, which I also attended two years ago. It should be great once again! This year’s lineup for the speaking panel is Tim ChalliesJustin TaylorKevin DeYoungCollin HansenTimmy Brister, and Owen Strachan. If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you probably recognize several of those names, as I quote them frequently.

I’ll leave you today with two good links about this week’s conference. The first, Four Thoughts for T4G, comes courtesy of the aforementioned Kevin DeYoung, and includes some great thoughts on how those of us who are here can prepare for the week ahead. And then there’s Darryl Dash, who has written a good post for those who aren’t here: How to Cope With Not Attending T4G.

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