T4G 2012 – Book Giveaways

This will be the last of my T4G posts, and then it will be back to business as usual. I have completed a few more posts in the political series I began in March, and hope to wrap up the entire series soon. I also have some backlogged book reviews to publish… and, as you’ll see from this post, there will probably be a great many more to come!

One of my favorite parts of the T4G conference is the emphasis on equipping attendees for ministry by providing great resources. This year, this was accomplished via a “Zero Dollar Bookstore”, which is just about the best idea I’ve ever heard. Everyone who attended was given a pass to this bookstore… it was like Trick-or-Treating, only instead of cavities we get soul edification.

There were 18 books given away at T4G, along with another 17 at the “Band of Bloggers” lunch. In addition, many of the vendors with booths set up in the exhibit hall were giving away books, and the conference bookstore had GREAT prices on over 1800 books. I set myself a budget this year, and so came home with fewer total books than in 2010, but it was still quite a haul! Here’s the big list, which includes all the books I was given as well as the ones I purchased. As well as I can remember, I’ve listed whether I purchased them, or where they came from if I got them for free. For lack of a better system, they are ordered by subject:

Bible Study

The Church / Missions

The Gospel

Church History

Living as a Christian

Music / Worship




And that’s not all! I also received several assorted CD’s, including worship songs from Sovereign Grace Music and sermons from the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Audio Library. I also received several free issues of Tabletalk and Modern Reformation magazines, and the Galatians Study Kit from White Horse Inn. For a conference that costs less than $300, this would be incredible even without all the spectacular preaching I got to hear all week! I hope many more of you will join us for the next Together for the Gospel conference in two years. I’m already looking forward to it!

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