Combing the Net – 4/25/2012

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies — It’s no replacement for a good study in formal logic, but here’s a fun and helpful website dedicated to teaching about the 24 most common logical fallacies. I especially enjoyed this poster, which may need to make an appearance soon on classroom walls at Highland Rim Academy.

The Case for Christian Education — Speaking of HRA, here’s an article by James K.A. Smith that concisely lays out some reasons why Christian education is so important. The article is a couple years old (in fact, I’ve posted it on this blog before), but has recently been the topic of ongoing conversation. For instance, Anthony Bradley asks here why “New Calvinists” don’t seem to value the Reformed tradition’s emphasis on Christian education. The video interview with Dan Kunkle at the end of this link is a good one.

Thinking About Seminary — Close friends and family know that I’ve struggled for years now with the decision on whether or not to attend seminary. Tim Challies and David Murray bring up pretty much all the reasons this is a tough call, but I especially appreciate the way that Challies articulates the main reason why I’ve decided against doing online seminary: “Seminary training is much more than data-transfer. Ethos and pathos are as important as logos and you can’t communicate that without personal presence.

The Value of Writing — Matthew Lee Anderson reflects on the significant drop in price of his book. Is it an insult to have it sell for so little, or a blessing in that more people will read the book? Either way, Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith is a great book, and worth buying even though the “limited time only” price of $3.49 just ended (it’s still just $4.99 on Kindle). I hope to get a review written soon.

Beyond a Trickle-Down Liturgy — The album Russell Moore mentions in this post is a good one (I downloaded it this morning), but I also enjoyed (and agree with) his take on the means through which churches tend to choose their music. I, for one, don’t want a “trickle-down liturgy”; I want songs chosen to speak truth into my heart, and the hearts of the congregation, regardless of age, genre, or popularity.

Joel Osteen: Romney Is a Christian — Yet another thing that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have in common: Joel Osteen’s personal endorsement of the genuineness of their Christian faith! Forgive me if this does not inspire much confidence. For a more objective look at the differences between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity from someone who, unlike Osteen, actually understands and teaches the basic tenets of the Christian faith, check out this resource from Joe Carter and this one from Kevin DeYoung.

Remembering Chuck Colson, who died last week:

And here’s a similar but longer version of this video:

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