Combing the Net – 5/4/2012

Mozart and Vince Gill — Douglas Wilson on if, how, and when we should condemn certain types of music, and our freedom in Christ to enjoy a wide variety of cultural artifacts.

If we reject a form of music out of hand because it is not the form of music we prefer, then we are trying to kick against the variegated world that the triune God created. And if we are doing this in a spirit of musical snobbery, we are demonstrating that, however adept we are in the form we prefer, when it comes to music at large, we don’t really know what its for.

McDonald’s, Jonathan Edwards, and Holy Affections — Eric Geiger uses a simple story to which we can all probably relate to illustrate a great truth from the teaching of America’s greatest preacher. (HT: Trevin Wax)

How Classical Education Shapes Us as God Intended — This is a great concise summary of the many benefits of a classical education, written by the author of The Gospel and the Mind (my review), which is now less than $3 on Kindle. I also highly recommend a book Green references in this article called Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning (my review).

Fiction & Literature: An Interview With Russell Moore — I loved this interview by Tim Challies of one of my favorite authors and thinkers, about the value of reading fiction and literature (including where the line between those two may be). I respect and trust Russell Moore’s book recommendations very highly (and Challies’ too, for that matter). Last fall I read Hannah Coulter (my review) based solely on Moore’s recommendation.

Last night, Ben Swann posted yet another excellent installment of his news program “Reality Check”. He is doing more than just about any other journalist right now to keep up with the actual rules of the Republican Party’s delegate selection process, and this is one of his best reports yet. If you don’t already, I highly suggest you follow him on Facebook to stay informed on what’s really going on!

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