Combing the Net – 5/8/2012

Maurice Sendak, Children’s Author Who Upended Tradition — Thus passes one of my favorite children’s authors. I recently read Where the Wild Things Are at the local children’s museum. A classic!

The Secret Life of Your Cell Phone — Does the ability for government agencies to track you through your cellphone without a warrant violate your 4th Amendment rights?

Supermoon 2012 — The Big Picture always has excellent photo essays, and this one from the perigee moon of two nights ago is no exception.

The Challenge of Christian Journalism — Collin Hansen has a great article on how journalists and preachers share many common trials, though may appear to have very little in common. He suggests ways that Christians working in the field of journalism can serve the church by avoiding the temptation to sensationalize the “news”, instead reporting truth with a “more edifying approach to media”.

Honour the Vanilla Men — Carl Trueman comments on Paul’s elevation of “bland, vanilla men” to the position of elders and teachers in the early church, and how we can best honor these humble servants in our churches today.

This touching video is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry, but it is beautifully done:

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