Combing the Net – 5/9/2012

What Maurice Sendak Can Teach the Church — I believe wholeheartedly that Christians can and should read non-Christian literature, because it has much to teach us. (In fact, an entire chapter was devoted to this topic in Tony Reinke’s Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books, which I reviewed earlier this week.) In this article, Russell Moore gives us an example of how we can learn from good books that speak to the human condition like Where the Wild Things Are, even when they are written by a thoroughly foul author like Sendak.

Twelve Legions — Of course, it’s also good to read and learn from literature by Christian authors! This blog post is a great application of Matthew 26:53 which also references the battle at Helm’s Deep from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Two Towers.

An Unforgettable Evening With N.T. Wright — One thing that has greatly influenced my own interaction with and appreciation of literature has been the online community at The Rabbit Room. This cohort of authors and songwriters — brought together by Andrew Peterson — has organized several events the celebrate and learn from great authors. Last fall, I attended one of these events, and had the opportunity to chat with several Rabbit Roomers after watching a play by G.K. Chesterton. Monday night, the group hosted an evening with Bishop N.T. Wright, one of the most prominent theologians of our time. I am pretty jealous of those who were able to attend! Apparently, theologizing isn’t Tom Wright’s only talent, as we see here in his performance of a tune by Bob Dylan:

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