Why Ron Paul Is Still in the Running

Though most in the national media have been acting like Mitt Romney’s nomination to oppose Barack Obama in the Fall is a foregone conclusion, this may not necessarily be so. In the last few weeks, plenty of media sources have been reporting that Ron Paul’s strategy of focusing on delegates was paying off, and would give him — at minimum — a strong position to wield influence at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa.

But if last night’s report from Ben Swann is accurate, the convention could be much more interesting than anyone expected! According to his research, which backed up by recent precedent, none of the delegates to the national convention are actually “bound” to vote for any particular candidate. So the hard work and dedication of Ron Paul supporters to become delegates to the convention (even sweeping the delegate slates in some states where Paul did not win the popular vote) may have a big time pay off. Here is Swann’s report:

Granted, I still think it is highly improbably that Ron Paul will become the Republican nominee (though one can hope!), but this will be fun to watch…

5 comments on “Why Ron Paul Is Still in the Running

  1. Unfortunately, it looks like Barrack Obama is going to gain momentum with this same-sex marriage backing. What do you think sir?

    By the way, I read all your posts!

    • John Gardner says:

      Thanks for reading!

      I don’t know about gaining momentum, but I do think this will polarize the country even more. If anything, he may re-energize his base, but I don’t think this affirmation will generate much momentum among those who didn’t vote for him in 2008. Some young libertarian-leaning voters may be more attracted to him now than before, but I think those same voters care more about the economy than gay marriage, and will stay away from Obama this November.

  2. shaun says:

    it dont matter anyway,nothing is going to change regardless of who gets in,are people blind to see all the world is going broke,we cant change the inevitable and that is overpopulation,to many people and never enough jobs not to mention this very invention of the computer alone has lost the world at least over 100 million jobs like manufacturing,cds,dvds,the racks they go on,postal services,department stores vanishing due to online buying which means no middle man anymore.Its simple math,does not take the noble peace prize to figure that out.soon the bandaid will be off and the stock market will plummet again back to under 10000.we all are in trouble and unless we start thinking more about people and the needs of the rich and the poor joining together that dec 21 2012 scenerio may just be happening before our very eyes without even noticing it.I see it ,thats for sure.

  3. shaun says:

    Also maybe a drop off of some of these things would not be so bad,then we all would be forced to live within our means and corporations no longer would be able to overcharge us for things especially gas and oil.the entire world needs a fresh start,and we need to all view each other as what we are human beings not seperate countries then things will change for the better.heck i had a great job but no longer due to the fact my disabled son came first ,now I have almost nothing but you know what my heart still remains intact.i also remember my own foolish spending ways when i had money but i am just as happy now as i was when i had money because of one thing noble intentions just like we all should have for one another.just my opinion please send me feedback of how you all feel as well.peace out have a good day.

  4. shaun says:

    since i completed my venting i vote no affliation i like obama and i like ron paul but romney,no comment.lol

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