Combing the Net – 5/14/2012

What’s a Homemaker Really Worth? — As somebody married to one, that question is nearly impossible to answer… but this article is a pretty valiant effort to exalt the worthiness of homemaking! Definitely an encouraging read for stay-at-home moms, but also  one which others will enjoy as well.

SSBC Pastor Candidate Q&A — From this link you can see updates on the entire pastor search process at Stevens Street Baptist Church from the last two years, but most notably, the May 10 update includes the responses of our current candidate (who will be preaching here in view of a call on June 3) to a list of questions on theological and ecclesiological matters. Overall, I am very encouraged and excited to meet him!

Leo Tolstoy: Youth Group President? — Eric Geiger, VP of the Church Resource Division at LifeWay Christian Resources, draws an interesting parallel between the moralistic effort of author Leo Tolstoy and the way children’s and youth ministry work in most evangelical churches. This is a problem which LifeWay hopes to address with its upcoming new curriculum for children, students, and adults called The Gospel Project. Our church will be taking a closer look at this curriculum over the summer, but so far it looks GREAT!

A Critical Mind vs. A Critical Spirit — I try hard to cultivate the former, but frequently display the latter. This post by Trevin Wax has been a great encouragement to me today.

[Exercising loving discernment] doesn’t mean we should turn off the critical mind. It doesn’t mean we no longer test everything according to the Word. It doesn’t mean we just accept every sincere message as being helpful and positive.

It does mean that when we critique, we do so with a spirit of love. We overlook small flaws and winsomely talk to our brothers and sisters when we see big issues. We refrain from insisting on agreement for every jot and tittle of theological precision. We don’t dismiss an idea outright just because it comes from someone outside our theological camp.

The Wild Things and Us — Here’s an article from World magazine by a Christian mom and grandmother who, like me, finds much to praise about the recently deceased Maurice Sendak’s greatest work.

And now for something amazing… check out this guy who can whistle two notes at once! (Skip the first 25 seconds or so to get to the good stuff):

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