Combing the Net – 5/15/2012

9 Tips for Eating Christianly — One author’s “suggestions for how we might approach our consumption of food more thoughtfully and Christianly”.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? — If this sleep study is correct, I should be in good shape. I’ve never been able to sleep much longer than 6.5 to 7 hours a night; apparently that’s a good thing!

Culture Wars and the Future of Evangelical Witness — Matthew Lee Anderson with a well-reasoned response to an article by Rachel Held Evans to which I linked last week.

JP Morgan Losses Do Not Make the Case for Regulation — I find it ironic that people are screaming about the need for regulation when a bank loses $2Billion in six weeks. The U.S. Government (the very same government that would be doing said regulating) blows through that much cash every few hours! What happened with JP Morgan is a perfect example of how the free market regulates itself. They made poor decisions, and there were serious consequences. But others (who made better decisions) also made $2Billion. The net loss to the system was zero. Nobody needs a bailout, or more regulations. By the way, despite this loss, JP Morgan still made a net profit during the last quarter. Evidently they made more good decisions than bad.

This is the way the system should work. Those who take the risk, take the loss (or gain). It is a far better alignment of incentives than allowing Washington to gamble trillions, leaving someone else holding the bag.

The Problem With Christian Music — What’s in a name? Bobby Gilles writes about the problems and benefits of labeling music as “Christian”.

Now THIS is a guy who takes pride in his work!

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