Combing the Net – 5/18/2012

Coffee Drinking Linked to Longer Life — This research gives further credence to my firm belief that there will be a never-ending supply of coffee in Heaven.

Why Disco Happened — Everything you ever wanted to know about the rise of disco in the 1970’s, courtesy of the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reading Plunges Into Music.

Toddlers and Discretion — This blog post was a convicting read for me. I try not to be that guy who shares every detail of my kids’ life on social media, but I don’t often give much consideration to the privacy of my toddlers.

I am sure many of us have noticed a tendency for some parents to put everything on Facebook, Twitter, or their blogs.  Just because the child doesn’t know his privacy is being violated, doesn’t mean it isn’t.  My [teens] would not like if when they were small children I put a lot of stuff about them on the internet.  I don’t think we should assume that just because the kid doesn’t know we’re providing details about him that we should.  It feels a bit like a double standard.

A Classical Christian School Reading List for Grades 6-8 — I’ve also posted the lists for grades 1-3 and 4-5, but now Justin Taylor has helpfully constructed a 13-page PDF file containing the entire list for grades 1-8. It’s impressive! You can download it here.

This is *yawn* reeeealllly *stretch* fascinating…

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