Book Review Index Updated!

This week I have finally had the chance to do some blog maintenance. There will be more changes coming soon, but my biggest project is completed! Though it remains one of the most frequently visited pages on my blog, I had not done a complete update of the “Book Review Index” in almost 18 months!

As of today, that list (which you can access through a tab on the top of the page) is up to date. Hopefully I can keep it that way! I have about 150 books listed there and arranged topically. If I get really ambitious, I may go back through and add ratings to the list, to help folks quickly discern which ones I liked and which are a waste of time… but for now, browse away!

And, as always, I’m happy to give book recommendations on any topic. If you’re looking for something to read, feel free to ask me for a suggestion! You might start out with one of these posts, though:

  • How to Learn to Love Theology — This is a reading list I put together for those who want to start getting serious about theology but don’t know where to start.
  • What Then Shall We Read? — This is a list of some of my favorite works of fiction.
  • Top Books of 2010 — I meant to do a list like this for 2011, but apparently I forgot. Maybe I’ll do that soon…

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