Combing the Net – 5/29/2012

What Americans Think Is Right and Wrong — Interpret the data as you will, but this is the result of a recent Gallup poll about what Americans perceive as moral and immoral. Hooray, subjectivity!

Earthquake Evidence May Reveal Exact Date of Jesus’ Crucifixion — By itself, of course, this evidence proves nothing, but it is always interesting (and never shocking) when natural revelation sheds light one what is revealed to us through special revelation.

Why We Lie — Speaking of science supporting what we learn in Scripture, this is a fascinating secular psychological study into the universal phenomenon of human depravity dishonesty.

What to Say When Someone Says “The Bible Has Errors” — Granted, a lot of Biblical criticism goes too far, but Christians must be able and willing to discuss things like translation errors. Understanding what is and is not meant by “inerrancy” goes a long way toward assurance of the reliability of our modern Bible translations.

How to Introduce Psalm Singing to a Congregation — Some very practical suggestions here for elders and lay leaders wondering how to incorporate the Psalms in congregational singing.

Four Reasons Your Worship Songs Are Like Random Slogans — In which N.T. Wright is quoted from this article in Worship Leader Magazine.

I don’t have a Southern accent, but if I did, I’d probably exceed your expectations. (HT: 22Words)

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