Combing the Net – 5/30/2012

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Biggest Spender of All? — An interesting CATO Institute analysis of the numbers behind a recent Wall Street Journal editorial which claimed that Obama is not the binge spender he’s often portrayed to be. Note that this is measuring the growth in annual spending, not the total amount spent.

The Pauls Build a Libertarian Machine — While it’s fun to watch the delegate counts in the GOP presidential primary season, it’s important to remember that there’s something bigger going on in our generation. Electing Ron Paul as president has never been the highest priority, which is why this election season won’t be a disappointment when (as is virtually guaranteed) Dr. Paul does not become our next Commander-in-Chief. All over the country, liberty-minded young people are becoming re-engaged in the political process, and many conservative-libertarian candidates are poised to win elections at the national, state, and local levels.

Dear Digital Son — A graduation message from an analog  father to his digital son, encouraging him to keep social media in its proper place, and to invest his time in things and relationships that last. Touching and witty!

How Al Mohler Uses Social Media — Social media isn’t all bad, though! Good insight here from a man whose Twitter feed, blog, and podcast have been very beneficial to me. “Leader, if you don’t engage social media in a responsible & credible way, for anyone under 29, you don’t exist.”

Piper and Meyer Talk Succession for the First Time — The way Bethlehem Baptist Church has implemented this succession plan to transition from John Piper’s pastorship to Jason Meyer’s is a great encouragement!

Connecting Theological Depth With Missional Passion — I’m very excited that our church is among the many that has signed up to help pilot The Gospel Project curriculum! Several of our classes (including the one in which I teach) will be using this curriculum during the month of June. At the above link, you’ll hear project editors Ed Stetzer and Trevin Wax discussing their approach to theology and missions that fueled the creation of this curriculum.

Is Pluto a planet? I vote yes!

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