Combing the Net – 6/4/2012

50 Marathons in 50 Days — And I thought marathon runners were insane when they only ran one!

What Speed Do You Read? — Here’s a fun little timed test to see how you measure up. Be sure you don’t skim, though… you’ll be tested on your comprehension!

Where Do Sex Slaves Come From? — Sex trafficking is a lucrative business, as displayed in this small Mexican town which supplies  New York City with a steady stream of women seduced or coerced into prostitution.

Five Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell — Anonymous confessions that give insight into the lives of the men God gives as shepherds for His bride.

Marriage Advice from Ronald Reagan — A 1971 letter from the future president to his son Michael, days before his wedding. There’s some wise counsel here, but here’s hoping you benefit more than Michael, as his marriage lasted only a year. (HT: Z)

C.S. Lewis on Queen Elizabeth II — The British author’s reflections on Elizabeth’s coronation, the anniversary of which came over the weekend. Here is some archive footage of the ceremony, the first coronation ever televised:

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