Combing the Net – 6/7/2012

Cheap eBook Alert! — The Kindle version of The Masculine Mandate (my review) is now only 99 cents! I recently finished leading a group of young men from our church through this book, and we all benefited greatly from it.

Video and Photos Capture Transit of Venus — I’ve seen several good pictures of the Venus transit from earlier this week, but these are some of my favorites.

Why the GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Ron Paul and His Many Fans — He’s not going to win this year’s nomination, but if the party wants to succeed in the future, they’re going to need to be able to reach the growing number of young libertarian-leaning conservatives.

Because if Ron Paul is right about the dangers of government overextension both at home and abroad, it means the GOP has to actually be serious about this limited government, living-within-our-means stuff that is supposed to be the very marrow of conservatism.

If they have to swallow some sour apples about returning the U.S. military to its original goal of just actually defending the U.S. and make the government respect citizens’ civil liberties, that should be a small price to pay to attract the loyalty, votes and money of a rising generation of activists.

It’s Time to Discuss the Elephant in the Room — The last couple days, I’ve posted responses from some Calvinistic Southern Baptists to the Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation, so today I wanted to share Dr. Jerry Vines’ response. It is the most thoughtful article I’ve read so far from a signer of the document. Vines is a former president of the SBC, a pastor of more than 50 years, and someone who, like Al Mohler, has influenced me and earned my respect. I’m thankful for his addition to the discussion.

How Does a Pastor  Deal With People Who Try to Monopolize Him After Sunday Services? — This is a really practical article about something pastors deal with all the time. How to best use that valuable time after services to shepherd the congregation as well as possible? How can they reach and serve those who don’t try to approach them? How can other church leaders help?

Four Reasons to Sing This Weekend — I love this list of reasons why we should participate (loudly!) in the congregational singing in our church services!

  1. Because we are commanded to.
  2. Because I am a man.
  3. Because I feel like it.
  4. Because I don’t feel like it.

Here is a song I’ll be singing loudly this Sunday:

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