Combing the Net – 6/11/2012

How to Stay in London for $15 a Night — While this doesn’t alleviate the cost of actually getting to London, it’s a pretty cool idea for this year’s summer Olympics. Those wishing to avoid hotel costs upwards of $500 a night can now camp around the city in secure locations set up with several amenities. Most of the profits from this venture will go toward supporting local sports programs. I hope this catches on in future Olympic cities!

Christianity 101 for Journalists — Tim Keller addresses Old Testament Law and the charge of inconsistency by those who accuse Christians of picking and choosing which parts of the Bible to believe. (HT: JT)

Once you grant the main premise of the Bible—about the surpassing significance of Christ and his salvation—then all the various parts of the Bible make sense. Because of Christ, the ceremonial law is repealed. Because of Christ the church is no longer a nation-state imposing civil penalties. It all falls into place. However, if you reject the idea of Christ as Son of God and Savior, then, of course, the Bible is at best a mish-mash containing some inspiration and wisdom, but most of it would have to be rejected as foolish or erroneous.

So where does this leave us? There are only two possibilities. If Christ is God, then this way of reading the Bible makes sense and is perfectly consistent with its premise. The other possibility is that you reject Christianity’s basic thesis—you don’t believe Jesus was the resurrected Son of God—and then the Bible is no sure guide for you about much of anything. But the one thing you can’t really say in fairness is that Christians are being inconsistent with their beliefs to accept the moral statements in the Old Testament while not practicing other ones.

Celebrating the Short-Term Missions Boom — Darren Carlson, director of Training Leaders International (and a former CAMP-of-the-WOODS music staffer; we served together there in 2001) writes the first in a series of posts on short-term missions for The Gospel Coalition blog. This one praises the Lord for the work He’s doing around the world, and the unprecedented opportunities Christians have to participate in that work today.

Snuggling Is Holy Work, Too — This is a great reminder that the time we husbands spend with our wives and children is every bit as important and holy as other parts of our walk with God.

Men, walking with God is our first priority. Absolutely! Yet, certainly prayer, contemplation, and study can be done on one’s own time and at one’s own personal expense of sleep by getting up a few minutes early or in the truck on your lunch break rather than in the hours a husband and daddy is needed most, especially in the evening.

For the Christian all things are sacred—including helping around the house, kisses that go the distance, walking in the door, and snuggling with the kids.

In the following video, Todd Friel breaks down video of a faithful pastor named Scott Rodriguez delivering a rebuke to “Pastor” Dayna Muldoon, a false teacher who calls herself a prophetess. You can read the back story and see the full context of these video clips here. Praise the Lord that there are those who oppose heresy… even tremendously popular heresies like the “word of faith” charismatic “healing ministries” typified by Mrs. Muldoon.

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