Combing the Net – 6/12/2012

TTU’s Carillon Bells Ring Across Campus — Here’s a great little local story from the Herald-Citizen about the bells that chime on the TTU campus every single day. I got a chance to see the carillon room up close and personal during my time as a student when I took the “Acoustics of Music” class taught by Dr. Wells, who is interviewed in this piece. (HT: Noel Bohannon on Facebook)

Teacher-Student Interaction Using Texting and Social Media — For you teachers out there: How do you feel about communicating with your students outside of the classroom? Do you use social media? My dad asks that question and provides a few thoughts of his own on the website of his new business, He started VMO to help provide service to “Music Teachers, Band, Choir, Orchestra Directors, who have more music office tasks than time”. If you’re a music teacher, you should check it out! You can learn more about it through Facebook and Twitter.

Are We Living in Sensory Overload or Sensory Poverty? — We’ve often heard that all the technology available today puts us at risk of sensory overload, but this editorial asks whether the opposite may be true. A very compelling read. (HT: Breakpoint)

As a species, we’ve somehow survived large and small ice ages, genetic bottlenecks, plagues, world wars and all manner of natural disasters, but I sometimes wonder if we’ll survive our own ingenuity. At first glance, it seems as if we may be living in sensory overload. The new technology, for all its boons, also bedevils us with alluring distractors, cyberbullies, thought-nabbers, calm-frayers, and a spiky wad of miscellaneous news. Some days it feels like we’re drowning in a twittering bog of information.

But, at exactly the same time, we’re living in sensory poverty, learning about the world without experiencing it up close, right here, right now, in all its messy, majestic, riotous detail. The further we distance ourselves from the spell of the present, explored by our senses, the harder it will be to understand and protect nature’s precarious balance, let alone the balance of our own human nature.

Eugenics, Past and Future — I love Ross Douthat’s columns, and typically don’t miss one, but somehow this slipped by the other day. Thankfully I caught an interview with him on NPR yesterday as he was talking about it. His comparison between the near eradication (by abortion) of Down’s Syndrome with the early 20th Century American fascination with the concept of eugenics is both fascinating and frightening.

Are you a betting man? Here are “10 Bets You Will Never Lose” (HT: 22Words)

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