What Does “HT” Mean?

Several people have asked recently what the abbreviation “HT” stands for, since I use it so often on my blog. Well, in the unofficial code of online etiquette — and especially in the blogosphere — it stands for “hat tip” (sometimes also written as h/t), and is the customary means of giving credit to an information source. For instance, I tip my hat to this blog for the image at the top of this post.

I use the “HT” most often in my daily links posts. When I am compiling those links, I often find them first hand, through browsing headlines from the hundreds of blogs and news journals I subscribe to. Whenever I make reference to something I’ve come across second hand, say by clicking a link from another blog, Twitter, or Facebook, I give credit to that source on my blog. Sometimes if I’m in a hurry I might forget, but I try to be as courteous as possible and extend some link love to those who have done me the service of bringing content to my attention that I might not have seen otherwise.

So now you know! I also tip my virtual hat to you in thanks for dropping by for a visit. Good day, sir or madam!

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