Combing the Net – 6/14/2012

Boy Beats Asthma By Playing the Euphonium — Add this to the list of benefits of playing a musical instrument! (HT: Curtis Prichard on FB)

Squealing vs. Killing — A great article from Judge Andrew Napolitano about “leaked” information regarding the President’s “kill list”. Many are upset with those who have let this information go public, much in the same way that there was much outrage when WikiLeaks first went live. But the judge asks a great question:

So, who has violated the Constitution and federal law, who has caused more harm and who has performed more of a disservice to the nation: those who leaked the truth to the media, or the president, who caused death and destruction among those he hates and fears?

Becoming Well-Spoken: How to Minimize Your Uh’s and Um’s — I’ve made great strides in this area over the years, but still have some work to do. Good advice from The Art of Manliness blog.

16 Ways to Find a Wife — A humorous list with a serious point. (HT: Challies)

Ditch the Diploma: Why College Graduates Are Questioning Their Education — More evidence of the education bubble, which is causing a college education to become one of the least profitable investments a person can make. (HT: David Murray)

Man, I love LEGO’s! This is a fun clip based on the movie “Inception” (HT: Z)

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