Combing the Net – 6/20/2012

Finding True Love: Helping Your Child Chose the Right Instrument — This is a great article from NPR about musical instrument selection for kids. I was glad to see that they listed “Instrument Petting Zoos” as one of the best ways to help children (and parents) choose. The School of Performing Arts has been holding petting zoos for seven years; they are always super fun! We have three already scheduled for this Fall. Let me know if you want to attend one!

Explosion at Opryland Hotel — This doesn’t look like it’s as dramatic as it originally sounded last night, but it was bad enough to force an evacuation and do significant damage to the Convention Center. Thankful that no one was hurt!

Opposing Unconstitutional Wars — Rand Paul explains why he endorsed Mitt Romney, while also promising to stand up to the presumptive GOP nominee on the issues where he is an opponent of liberty: most notably on his stance on the President’s authority to declare war without the consent of Congress. In this regard (as in many others), Romney is virtually indistinguishable from our current President and his predecessor.

Reflections on the Election of Fred Luter — Denny Burk on the selection of the first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

I cannot overstate how deeply significant the election of Fred Luter is. Nor can I overstate the emotion that was in the room when he was elected. Baptist messengers from all over the South rose to their feet and cheered as they cast their votes for the first black president of the SBC. I myself tried to cheer and whistle as I held my ballot up, but I could not get anything out through the tears. And I wasn’t alone.

Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation — This Christianity Today article is another good report on the ongoing debate over “God’s Plan of Salvation” in the SBC. (HT: Owen Strachen)

SBC Pastors Polled on Calvinism and Its Affect on Convention — The results of the study mentioned in the previous article, and in Dr. Frank Page’s address at the SBC Annual Meeting. Of SBC pastors, 30% describe their churches as “Calvinist” or “Reformed”, while 61% report that they are concerned about the impact of Calvinism in the SBC. No wonder tensions are so high! (HT: Tom Ascol)

This Is The Gospel Project — The trailer for the new curriculum from Lifeway is also a great 3-minute summary of Biblical Theology!

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