Combing the Net – 6/21/2012

What America Spends on Groceries — NPR compares our grocery spending habits with 30 years ago. The one thing I wish had been included in this survey, though, was how much is spent on eating out. Do we spend less on groceries because wages have gone up, because prices have gone down, or because we’re compensating by eating out more? Or some combination?

No One “Makes” Jesus Their Lord — “Is it possible that our notion of the lordship of Jesus has been influenced by an American commitment to democracy?

Giving It Away: How Free Music Makes More Than Sense — Derek Webb, founder of NoiseTrade (where you can find thousands of free music albums) on the rapidly changing nature of the music industry. Josh Garrels, whom I wrote about a few days ago, recently ended what he called a “Year of Jubilee” in which he gave away 125,000 albums! I’d have never heard of him (and subsequently purchased additional albums) had I not first downloaded a freebie.

Being Bad at Art — John Mark Reynolds makes the case for the value of amateur art; producing art simply for the love of it (“love” being the root word of “amateur”). Singing and writing are not to be delegated only to those who are most talented! (HT: Nancy Pearcey)

And so I am trying again. Why? Because perhaps poetry is too human to be left only to poets, music is too holy to be sung only be singers, and stories are too vital to be told only by writers.

I will try all these things, because it is joyful to do them, and human, and because excellence is not always the point. I do not tell Hope I love her only when I can say it well. . . .I say it often. I do not eat only when the food is gourmet, but because food is necessary to stay alive.

Yesterday, Pixar unveiled the trailer to “Monsters University”, a prequel to “Monsters, Inc” (one of my favorite Pixar films). I really like the idea of another “Monsters” movie, and want to trust Pixar since they haven’t let us down yet… but this trailer didn’t excite me as much as I’d hoped.

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