I’m a Five Strip Baconist

So much for the SBC soteriology debate. Once people realize we’ve got BACON on our side, everybody will be a Calvinist!

Consider: You may think you had the opportunity to reject the bacon that was freely offered to you, but I know that I was irresistibly drawn to it.

Or, for those unwilling to part with the TULIP acronym, here’s a little baconization for you:

Total Deliciousness
Unconditional Edibility
Limited Allotment
Irresisible Goodness
Perseverance of the Savor

(HT: Ben Woodring via Jules Lapierre for the image, though please don’t blame the rest of my terrible puns on them… I take full responsibility.)

One comment on “I’m a Five Strip Baconist

  1. jasoncohoon says:

    Some bacon comes pre-cooked. Need I say more?

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