Combing the Net – 6/25/2012

The Message of the Bible in 221 Words — This is a great summary by D.A. Carson.

A Tale of Two Resolutions on the “Sinner’s Prayer” — One of the many nuances of the SBC soteriology debate going into last week’s annual meeting was the proposed adoption of a resolution that would officially affirm the use of what is often referred to as “the sinner’s prayer”. While a similar resolution was adopted by the Convention, the version that made it through committee to be voted on by messengers was quite an improvement on the original. Tom Ascol compares the two versions, and explains why this should not be seen as a “slap against the more reformed elements in the convention”.

What’s the Difference Between Typology and Allegory? — Short clarification on two things that are easily confused, particularly when interpreting Scripture.

Your Pastor Is Not Your Political Activist — This link is to the transcript of the John Piper sermon clip below (with links to the full sermon). Good stuff

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