Seminary Bound at Last?

On Saturday I had the opportunity to have lunch with Dr. Mark Coppenger, the director of the Nashville Extension Center of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I had a great time learning more about what is offered at SBTS-Nashville, and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch conversation as well!

My wife and I have been thinking and praying about seminary for as long as we’ve been married, but the timing has never been right. As much as I want to extend my education, I don’t want to uproot my family to move to a seminary. Honestly, even if a seminary degree opened up a lot of doors for me vocationally, I can’t imagine wanting to do anything other than what I’m doing now. I love this town and this church, and hope to be here to see the School of Performing Arts continue to grow over the coming decades!

(This is not to say that we would say “no” if God called us to leave, but this is where we’ve been planted; this is where we want to grow.)

With Southern Seminary’s recent launch of the Nashville campus, though, school may become an option once again. It would take longer than actually enrolling full time in Louisville (or another school), but I’m in no hurry. I’m working now with the staff of the church on some logistics (my going to seminary would require a different work schedule than what I have now, and possibly increasing the hours for my part-time office assistant), but they have been very supportive and encouraging thus far.

Lord willing, I plan to enroll in some classes this Fall, and could complete my M.Div in as little as three years… though more likely it would take a year or two longer than that. I’m getting very excited about the possibilities! Our family appreciates your prayers as we consider the Lord’s will for us.

Here’s a great video about the Nashville Campus:

One comment on “Seminary Bound at Last?

  1. […] With seminary classes beginning in two weeks, and a new 32-week worldview & philosophy class that I’ll be teaching starting up around the same time, I’m having to scale back my time commitment on some other things. One of those things is the blog. […]

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