Combing the Net – 6/26/2012

How Facebook Changed Your E-mail and How You Can Fix It — I noticed last week as I was looking up several e-mail addresses on Facebook that everyone now had their real e-mail addresses replaced by a address. I’m not as angry about this as it seems a lot of others are, but it is annoying. I changed my e-mail address back pretty easily, and now someone has made a helpful video to show you how to do it, too.

How We Die — Here’s a chart comparing mortality rates and causes of death from 1900 and 2010. Though the mortality rate has dropped significantly (as the article points out), it was interesting to see how many more people are dying of heart disease and cancer today… unless it’s simply being diagnosed more accurately/frequently. (HT: Trevin Wax)

David Platt, the Sinner’s Prayer, and the SBC — A personal note from pastor David Platt about the resolution adopted last week by the SBC (see here) about the sinner’s prayer. The controversy was sparked in large part by a 3-minute video clip from a sermon Platt preached two months ago. It is sad that Platt has been so misrepresented by some in the SBC, but his response is gracious and heartfelt. (HT: Denny Burk)

5 Problems With Unconditional Forgiveness — Should Christians forgive others unconditionally? Chris Brauns explains why  the answer must be “no” in this short post based on his book Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds. (HT: Head Heart Hand)

Would You Ride These Homemade Water Slides? — Check out the “Backyard Waterslide of DOOM” from a couple different angles. Here’s one:

Awe. Some.

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