Combing the Net – 6/27/2012

Black Bear Hit By Car in Cookeville City Limits — Bears have been migrating this way for some time, but this is the first confirmed sighting (that I’m aware of) inside city limits.

Unplugged Metal Detector Triggers JFK Chaos —The absurdity reaches unprecedented levels as the TSA evacuated a terminal at JFK, recalled multiple planes, and caused hours of delays for thousands of passengers, all because one agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged. (HT: Bastiat Institute)

Senate Bill Outlaws Spanking — A proposed law that would classify spanking a child as a misdemeanor worthy of one year in prison (or a felony and two years of prison if the child is under age 3) recently passed in the Delaware Senate by a unanimous 21-0 vote. If it also passes in the House, Delaware will be the first state to outlaw corporal punishment. (HT: Christa Wilson on Facebook)

Bris Ban Raises Specter of German Hate — Continuing the theme of government assaults on liberty, a district court in Germany has ruled circumcision illegal. While it is interesting that Jews and Muslims will be working together to overturn this decision (circumcision is a requirement for both Judaism and Islam), and religious persecution is terrible no matter where it happens, it is particularly chilling to see this happening in Germany of all places.

No matter what the outcome of the litigation, it must send a chill through a growing German Jewish community that has come to think of itself as immune to the dangers presented by the country’s past. They may be learning that in spite of the country’s advances, anti-Semitism never goes completely out of fashion in Germany.

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