Combing the Net – 6/28/2012

Texas College Hacks Government Drone — Glad it’s so easy (and cheap!) to hijack the hi-tech (and expensive!) government drones that will soon be filling the skies… so much for Homeland “Security”.

Rare Photos of Babe Ruth — Previously unpublished photos from his last appearance in Yankee pinstripes, two months before his death.

The Long Arm of LeBron’s Law — How all the LeBron James hate reveals our preference for Law over Gospel (HT: Z)

Our number one job as self-interested human beings is self-justification. It was a great comfort to be able to say, when confronted with a personal failure, “Well, at least I never jilted a city, joined another superstar, and then failed time and again in clutch moments!  At least I’m not a championship level loser!” Now that LeBron is no longer such a loser, we are thrashing around, flailing, for some other poor (read: wonderfully talented) athlete on whom to pin our outrageous expectations, all in the hope that they’ll fail, so that we can look better by comparison.  If we worry about living up to the law of “be good,” we can least be better than someone.

Precious Coins From a Father — I love this sermon illustration from Jim Hamilton. The whole sermon is excellent, but at least check out the story he told in the last five minutes, which you can also read here.

Why Hymn Meter Matters — A fascinating article on one of the most-neglected elements of hymn writing. A couple years ago I wrote a post on our worship ministry blog demonstrating how arrangers can match old texts to new melodies using meter, which you can check out here.

Disappointed with today’s SCOTUS ruling? The States still have the power to do something about Obamacare:

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