Combing the Net – 6/29/2012

Women, Callings, and Having it All — Excellent commentary on an Atlantic article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter that I shared last week, in which this highly successful career woman confessed that she actually wanted to return home to spend more time with her husband and children.

10 Reasons to Underprogram Your Church — Many churches have so many programs that they don’t do much of anything well. Here are ten great reasons why less is more.

Policing Theology — Dane Ortlund reflects on a CJ Mahaney talk on Jude 3, asking whether we are more eager to correct the doctrine of others or to rejoice in the areas where we agree. Look for more on this later today. (HT: Z)

A question for those of us who love sound doctrine: are we more eager to police other Christians’ theology, quietly gleeful when we diagnose error, or are we more eager to rejoice in what we have in common with other Christians? Both are crucial. Neither is negotiable. But which is our deepest joy and instinct?

Heated Knife for Spreading Cold Butter — This is brilliant! A knife that heats to exactly 107 degrees Fahrenheit to perfectly spread the butter on toast… which goes great with BACON!

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