Combing the Net – 7/2/2012

10 Questions for Anne-Marie Slaughter — This is a good interview with the former State Department staffer who recently left her job to spend more time with her children, and wrote a well-circulated article about it.

Why Is Jerry Sandusky Guilty? — This is a “60-second summary” of an article (which you can read in full here) which makes the case that if Jerry Sandusky (the Penn State football assistant coach recently convicted of 45 counts of sexual molestation of young boys) had lived in a pre-Christian era, his behavior would have been considered commonplace.

Latin, Math, and Glory — The story of how one parent who’d never studied Latin fell in love with the language and realized its importance through classically educating her children.

I have known that I will have to tackle Latin in a serious way being that I am attempting to classically educate my children. I also know that everyone I respect that speaks into my life about education are HUGE advocates of learning Latin. So I knew there must be something I was missing. Why is it that I did not see how important Latin is? Why could I not apprehend the truth of this? I knew enough to know that all I had to do was continue to wrestle with these ideas and eventually I would get it. So on I pressed, and to my delight the Lord revealed exactly what my heart needed to perceive regarding Latin for me to fall in love!

10 Tips on Solving Mysterious Bible Passages from Sherlock Holmes — This is absolutely brilliant! Pastor Eric McKiddie takes quotes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel and shows how good investigative techniques apply to Bible study as well as to sleuthing.

The One Point of Calvinistic Soteriology — With all the talk of five points going on lately, this quote from J.I. Packer is a great reminder that there is ultimately only one point of Calvinism!

Here’s a great history lesson told through 100 guitar riffs! (HT: Stephen Altrogge)

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