Combing the Net – 7/9/2012

How All 50 States Got Their Names — Fun random information to know.

Evolution of the Web in One Interactive Graphic — Trace the history of web browsers, programming languages, Internet users, and lots of other neat, geeky things.

50 Shades of Magic Mike (In Which I Am VERY UNCOOL) — Melissa Jenna on the dangers of “Mommy Porn”, and the disturbing trend of Christian women who love it. (HT: Joshua Harris)

I am surprised, though, at how completely accepting Christian culture is to both of these works. I’ve read a few dozen different updates from Christian women regarding “50 Shades” and “Magic Mike,” and the verdict? They love them. I mean they really looooove them. They can’t stop talking about them… If your enemy thinks he can snare you with something as “acceptable” as 50 Shades or Magic Mike, you better believe he will take advantage. Don’t let the culture’s acceptance and celebration of these works confuse you, or put you off your guard.

Good Art, Bad People — This New York Times article starts out with the question: “Can bad people create good art?” but then moves on to the even more provocative: “Can good people create good art?” It’s an interesting secular examination aesthetics and human depravity.

And yet the creation of truly great art requires a degree of concentration, commitment, dedication, and preoccupation — of selfishness, in a word — that sets that artist apart and makes him not an outlaw, exactly, but a law unto himself. Great artists tend to live for their art more than for others. This is why the biographies of so many writers in the 20th century who were otherwise reasonably good people, or not monstrous certainly (think of Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Bellow, Yates, Agee, to take a few almost at random), are strewn with broken marriages and neglected or under-appreciated children.

The Worship Leader in the Pew: What to Do When Not on Stage — This article contains good counsel for all Christians, but will be especially helpful to members of the SSBC choir & orchestra, which have the month of July off.

Humbled or Discouraged? — What’s the difference between being humbled and being discouraged? An excerpt from Doug Wilson:

A discouraged saint is thinking about his own condition—it is all about his own condition. A humbled saint is concerned for the dishonor done to God by his sin, and not primarily concerned with the trouble he himself is in as a result of it.

Here’s a talented performer with a new twist on cello playing (HT: Z) —

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