The Counterfeit Gospels Game

Printed in the first book of the excellent Omnibus series (one of the main textbooks used in the Upper School at Highland Rim Academy and published by Veritas Press) is a game designed to help students identify false gospels that have been appeared throughout church history. The idea is that you get 1 point for correctly identifying the error, and another point for identifying the group or individual identified with preaching the false gospel. Also, according to the book, if you correctly identify the real gospel from the list, “you earn an additional five points (and if you believe it, eternal life)”. How would you do if you were in this class? Here are the gospels, real and false:

  1. You are saved by baptism and kept in saving grace by the grace of God which comes through the seven sacraments of the church. So, you are saved by a mixture of God’s grace and your own works done in love.
  2. The Father is the true God who is called Jehovah. Jesus was a created being who  was originally called the Archangel Michael. Jesus rose spiritually, no bodily from the dead, and will save 144,000 people who will go to live with God in Heaven.
  3. God is a great and pure mind. All matter is only imaginary, and so is death and pain. Jesus did not live physically (how could He, since matter does not exist?) but only appeared to. We must liberate ourselves by rejecting matter.
  4. God the Father begat Jesus and Lucifer and many others. Jesus became God, and we can be saved by Christ’s atonement and good works. When we are resurrected we are placed in one of three realms, and if we live a good enough life, we can become gods.
  5. There is only one God, and His name is Jesus. You must be saved by speaking in tongues, being baptized in the name of Jesus only (remember He is the only God) and keeping certain rules.
  6. Jesus came, lived a perfect life and died as a perfect sacrifice to turn away God’s wrath from His people. People are saved by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit which results in trust in Christ’s finished work. This faith necessarily results in good works which are the result, not the cause, of salvation.
  7. Jesus was a great moral teacher, but was not God. We are not really certain that there is a God, but if there is, He would tell you that you should really try to be nice to other people because that is at the core of the teaching of the historical Jesus.
  8. Jesus provided a spiritual salvation, but His work needs to be perfected by the coming of the “Lord of the Second Advent.”
  9. Man is born without a fallen nature and must earn his salvation by working hard to turn away from sin (which he can do if he tries hard enough).

One comment on “The Counterfeit Gospels Game

  1. After watching a series about aliens visiting earth, I realize Jesus was also an alien from another sphere. Whether or not he came from a different planet will only be known when we get to where he is. So many of the miracles in the Bible can be explained if superior being do exist and visit earth.. I am wondering if Sodom and Gomorrah was nuked. It is a better explanation than some I heard when I was a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Whatever the truth, having hell in the middle of the earth like Dante’s Inferno does sounds more sensible if it is on a planet far, far away. Whatever the truth turns out to be, having a loving God who sent his only son to die for us is a story that can’t be beat. I’ll always be thankful for the way it changed my life..

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