Combing the Net – 7/11/2012

A Creation Museum Dinosaur at the Smithsonian — No matter your feelings on Northern Kentucky’s Creation Museum, you should appreciate the irony of this! A recent promotional brochure for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History made use of a dinosaur photograph taken at the Answers in Genesis museum. I’m sure this is causing somebody a lot of embarrassment!

The Soviet “Hobbit” — The illustrations from this 1976 Russian edition of Tolkien’s book are pretty crazy.

Prisoners Buy Their Freedom on Stationary Bikes — Here’s an interesting approach to internment: Brazilian inmates are being allowed to reduce their sentence by generating electricity by riding stationary bicycles hooked up to batteries. (HT: 22 Words)

How “Let Go and Let God” Almost Ruined J.I. Packer’s Spiritual Life — One of my favorite theologians on a very commonly used but unbiblical expression.

On Becoming a Postmillenialist — Though I don’t share Douglas Wilson’s eschatological convictions, I think this is an encouraging look into the process of wrestling with difficult doctrines.

Do Miracles Happen Today? — I love R.C. Sproul’s answer to this question, as well as his “tight definition of a miracle”:

Now of course when people ask me, do I believe in miracles, they’re asking one question and I’m answering a different one. If they’re saying to me, “Do you believe that God is still working in the world supernaturally?” Of course I do. “Do you believe that God answers prayers?” Of course I do. “Do you believe that God heals people in response to prayer?” Of course I do. All miracles are supernatural, but not all supernatural acts are miracles. Theologians get real tight in their making of distinctions, and when I say I don’t believe in miracles today, I don’t believe in the tight kind of miracle in the very narrow sense where a miracle is defined as a work that occurs in the external perceivable world; an extraordinary work in the external perceivable world against the laws of nature, by the immediate power of God.

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