Combing the Net – 7/12/2012

Puddleglum’s Lesson — Chris Brauns on one of my favorite moments in The Chronicles of Narnia:

Puddleglum had it right. Obey the Word of God regardless of how it seems that things will turn out.

Exercising Your Listening Muscles — How music classes can develop the listening skills of children… and parents, too!

How Study Bibles Can Limit Bible Study — This article is spot on, particularly in the section on the “right use” of study Bibles. Don’t get me wrong; I love my study Bible and consider it a valuable resource, but I do the bulk of my reading and study from a Bible with cross-references only. (For the record, my everyday Bible of choice is the ESV New Classic Reference Bible that my kids got me for Father’s Day last year; it’s perfect for me!)

Should You Pray for God to Save Your Loved Ones? — The ongoing conversation between Calvinist theologian Michael Horton and Arminian theologian Roger Olson has been fascinating, but this interaction was especially good. One answers the question affirmatively, the other negatively. I’m with Horton on this one. (HT: JT)

Putting the Art Back in “How Great Thou Art” — I love this appeal for more beauty in the worship of the Church! Kyle Hatfield points out four elements of the songs in the Bible that are not present in much popular “Christian” music today, and provides links to a few songwriters who are creating beautiful music for God’s glory.

Here’s a ballad from one of my favorite songwriters who understands the need for both trial and triumph in our music, and brings great beauty, imagery, and depth to his writing:

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