It’s a Gift

Yesterday saw the release of the first single from George Dennehy Music, a song called “It’s a Gift”. If you haven’t heard of George Dennehy, you’re in for a treat! A few years back I posted a story about George, who I met about eight years ago at CAMP-of-the-WOODS. At the time, I was leading children’s music at the camp, and George & his brother James were two of my best helpers during their stay. George also gave a pretty impressive cello recital! He had a great talent for music and great enthusiasm for the Lord, and I’m encouraged to see that hasn’t changed.

George recently gained some fame when he posted a YouTube clip in which he covered “Iris” by the GooGoo Dolls. The video made its way to the band, who decided to invite him to join them for some performances.

Here is a video containing lyrics for George’s first single. He recorded all of the vocals and instrumentals, playing guitar and piano. Have I mentioned that George was born without arms? Check it out:

You might be interested to see George on stage with the GooGoo Dolls:

I hope you’ll also check out this video which George recently posted to his YouTube channel, in which his father talks about their incredible adoption story. The family was large when I met them, but God has continued to grow them in the years since. They now have twelve children, including several with various special needs, and representing six different countries. What a testimony!

Take a moment to go check out George on Facebook and Twitter, and then go buy his single.

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