Waddling Home

A parable, often attributed to Søren Kierkegaard (though I haven’t been able to find a reliable citation):

On a balmy Sunday morning in the land of ducks, all the ducks awoke, preened their feathers, and waddled to church. When they had found their respective pews and squatted down, their duck minister waddled arduously to the pulpit. Opening the duck Bible, he turned to the place where it spoke of God’s great gift to ducks — wings. “With wings,” the duck preacher orated, “you ducks can fly. You can mount up like eagles and soar to the heavens. You can know freedom from the confinement of pens and fences. You must give thanks to God for so great a gift as wings.” All the ducks in the congregation heartily agreed, shouting, “Amen.” Then they all waddled home.

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