Jesus Got a Boo-Boo

Last night’s bedtime chat with Nate:

Nate: “Jesus got a boo-boo when he died on the cross.”
Me: “Yes, he did. But then what happened? Did he stay dead?”
Nate: “No! He came back and showed his boo-boos to his friends.”
Me: “And do you know where Jesus is right now?”
Nate: “Where is he?”
Me: “He’s in Heaven with his Daddy.”
Nate: *Gasp* “Ohhhh…. I’m with MY daddy, TOO!”
Me: “And did you know that Jesus is coming back some day?”
Nate: “Yeah, Nate knew that.”
Me: “Good! Why is Jesus coming back?”
Nate: “He still needs a Band-Aid for his boo-boo.”

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