Book Review: How Should Christians Vote?

“How Should Christians Vote?” by Tony Evans

Is God a Democrat, or a Republican?

It’s a popular question, but if you’re looking for a book that will place God on one side of the political aisle, this isn’t it. As the book rightly states, Jesus didn’t come to earth to take sides in our political squabbles (though I think John MacArthur’s recent thoughts on the Democratic Party platform are absolutely correct), but to inaugurate the Kingdom of God.

Instead, Dr. Evans provides principles which should guide the voting of Christians. The book’s title is a very different question from “for whom should Christians vote?” You’ll find no endorsement of any candidate or political party here, but rather an endorsement of the Bible as the all-sufficient source of wisdom for the Christian’s involvement in the affairs of this world.

Christianity is an others-focused religion, which means that Christianity is inherently political. Our vote is one of the primary ways in which we participate in the community, and so we must take care to exercise it properly. But we must also remember when we do so that, like Paul, we are dual citizens, belonging to both an earthly and a heavenly city (Acts 22:27Philippians 3:20).

While Evans packs many helpful principles for voting into a very small book (the print version is fewer than 100 pages), the section I found most personally beneficial was his description of the role and purpose of government. While we tend to think of “government” taking place only on the level of the “State”, there are actually many types of government, including self-government, family government, and church government. The Bible delegates authority to each of these governing agencies in different ways which complement, but do not interfere with, one another.

Dr. Evans writes that the government which governs best is that which allows each of the other forms of government to operate freely within the role of properly delegated authority which has been given to it. Though he doesn’t use the term, what he is describing is basically Abraham Kuyper’s concept of “Sphere Sovereignty”, something which I wholeheartedly affirm.

I listened to the audio version of this book, which remains free from Christian Audio through this Wednesday. The entire audiobook is under two and a half hours, which would be well worth your time before casting your vote next Tuesday. If, like me, you’ve already voted, then I still commend this book to you. Evans’ approach lends this book a sort of timeless utility; while it is a recently published work, there is nothing in it which is specifically written for this year’s upcoming election. If you prefer a print or Kindle version, you may purchase it here.

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