2016: Obamney’s America

Many of you have seen the film 2016: Obama’s America (you know, the recent propaganda hit piece written by a dude who’s been travelling the country with a woman not his wife spreading the gospel of America’s moral superiority), but for those who haven’t, it’s one man’s attempt to portray what our country would look like after four more years of an Obama presidency.

With today being election day, I thought I’d give my own forecast of some things that might happen in the next four years depending on who gets elected President today. As a guy who doesn’t like either of the Republocrats at the top of the tickets, I still see some pros and cons either way.

If Obama Wins

I’m a socially conservative, libertarian-minded registered Republican, so it’s probably safe to say that I see far more bad than good that could come of an Obama second term. I don’t anticipate Fox News-level horrors, but four more years of out-of-control spending, warmongering, disregard for civil liberties, and anti-life agenda is not something I particularly want to experience.

The silver lining to an Obama win is that maybe — just maybe! — it will provide the shock that the GOP needs to stop nominating neo-conservative big government Keynesians and provide voters with a real alternative in 2016. Also, regardless of what happens in the presidential election, I think that liberty candidates will continue to be elected to the Legislature, providing a hedge against what the President can do. The Revolution will continue, likely even faster in an Obama second term.

If Romney Wins

First of all, I don’t want to completely white wash these two guys by saying they are “exactly the same”. They aren’t (and yes, I realize that I’ve used that bit of hyperbole before in this election cycle, but I’ve since thought better of it). While their positions are virtually identical on things such as foreign policy, they do differ — if only marginally — in some very important areas.

Seen in isolation, I’d say without a doubt that I would prefer four years of Romney to four more years of Obama. I don’t think a Romney administration would be substantially different, but the differences that did exist would be good ones.

The problem is, though, that we don’t have the luxury of thinking about the future in only four year increments. A Romney win largely maintains the status quo, and puts real change further off into the future. Here’s why:

I believe a Romney presidency would be just conservative enough to make most people who already identify as conservatives feel that progress is being made, but not enough to do much real good… convincing many that “conservatism” doesn’t work. His big-government, pro-war policies are bound to continue (if perhaps incrementally slower) our nation’s debt spiral and erosion of civil liberties. He has already promised to make extensive use of the executive order to grow the power of the President (which is apparently fine with “conservatives” as long as it’s a “conservative” who’s doing it), which is only going to frustrate and alienate more lovers of liberty. All this would very likely result in handing the Oval Office (and probably both houses of Congress) back to the Democrats in 2016, perhaps to someone even more liberal than our current President.

Listen: If Romney gets elected, I really hope I’m wrong. If he comes through as a real savior of our economy and champion of liberty, I’ll gladly eat as much crow as you like. I just don’t see it happening.

One last thing: As much as all the pundits say that the economy is THE issue in this election, I feel that most conservative evangelicals are still voting primarily based on the issue of abortion. Christians have been feverishly trying to convince themselves that they are pro-Romney (as opposed to only anti-Obama) since he won the GOP nomination, because they feel (rightly) that abortion MUST be stopped. But they’ve got an awful lot riding on how Romney will handle abortion. How will they feel if Romney is up for re-election four years from now and abortion is still legal?

Closing Thoughts

Of course it’s easy to say all this stuff now, especially knowing that at least half of what I’ve said will never be able to be reviewed for veracity. And though I’m skeptical about either man’s ability to lead well, I remain, on the whole, optimistic for my country’s future. People are beginning to wake up, and I believe the next few decades will be an exciting time of positive political change. And no matter who wins the election, Jesus Shall Reign.

I leave you with the remarks of Doug Wilson (seen in context here), a pastor in another solidly red state who believes Romney will win in a landslide. While he says he “would greatly prefer a Romney presidency to another round of… Obama”, he chose not to vote for Romney for pretty much the same reasons I did:

I am not voting for him for three reasons — he doesn’t need my vote here in Idaho, he doesn’t need my vote if this turns out to be the landslide I believe it will be, and he does need my opposition (and that of all my fellow teabots) from day one of his presidency. And in order to provide that opposition, I need to be gearing up for it. I am gearing up for it by not voting for the man I believe will win handily.

Not voting for him places me in a better position to say, on day one, that not only did I not want Obamacare, I don’t want what Romney is going to replace it with.

Whoever wins today will need accountability and prayer, and will get both from me.

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