Where Will You Turn?

Yesterday, our Sunday School lesson in the college class was on the importance of the sermon. One of the discussion questions from the lesson sparked a great conversation at the table I was leading.

The question was, “Where can you turn when you are convicted or confused by your pastor’s sermon?”

Immediately, many students responded by saying that they could “turn to God“, or “turn to the Bible“… not wrong, of course! But I answered them with a challenge:

“Those are great Sunday School answers, but what does that look like? What exactly will you do when (not if) one of our pastor’s sermons places you under conviction, or when you don’t understand something that he said?”

After that, they started giving much more thoughtful replies, with some very good practical wisdom, but still not quite what I was looking for. What I really wanted was not a “what”, but a “who”.

“If names don’t immediately come to your mind when you hear those questions, then consider this an invitation to lean more on the Body of Christ.”

The questions about conviction and confusion point to two of the greatest relationship needs that a Christian has: accountability and discipleship. When I am feeling especially convicted about something, the first person I talk with about it is my wife, who is the greatest accountability partner I could have. But there are some things that are best shared among guys. That’s why I’m so thankful to know exactly who I can call at any time, and trust to hold me accountable. The Lord has blessed me with some tremendously godly friends!

Similarly, God has placed certain men in my life who have graciously and patiently taught me God’s Word, and answered my questions. I still have men in our church who I know are ready and willing to help me work through problem areas and points of confusion. I’m also thankful that the Lord has allowed me to serve in the role of discipler for many other young men, and always humbled when they bring their questions to me. I’m fairly certain I learn more than they do every time!

So how about you? When you are convicted or confused, where will you turn?

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