Field Trip!

My excitement may perhaps be premature, but I’m really looking forward to a field trip that I just officially booked today for students of the School of Performing Arts! On May 2, a group of 45 students and parents (plus a few SPA teacher/chaperones) will be heading to the Nashville Symphony. With very few exceptions, this will be the first ever professional orchestra concert for nearly all of them. I don’t know that there’s much I enjoy more than watching the reaction of young music students hearing a live symphony for the first time!

The highlight of the concert will be Brahms’ 4th Symphony. What a great piece! I just spent the last 45 minutes reminding myself how much I love it.

The rest of the program isn’t too shabby, either. Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes will open the concert, followed by a recently composed piano concert by James MacMillan called “The Mysteries of Light“. I’m not familiar with the piece, but the composer’s description is pretty interesting. Here’s a decent recording of the Debussy piece:

Many thanks go to the fine folks at the Nashville Symphony Orchestra for accommodating such a large group of students, and for giving us a tremendous discount! Too bad it’s still five months away…

3 comments on “Field Trip!

  1. Enoch says:

    James MacMillan is a Catholic composer, correct? I have an wonderful recording of his Mass performed by the Westminster Cathedral Choir. Very moving stuff, that.

  2. We are looking forward to your visit!

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