Fal$e Teacher$ — Naming Names

After hearing Shai Linne’s last album, The Attributes of God, I became an even bigger fan of his music (see my two part review of this album here and here). I love the way he uses the art form of hip-hop to communicate the gospel with depth and clarity in a way that other genres of music usually can’t. So ever since I heard he had a new album coming out (Lyrical Theology will be released April 9), I’ve been eagerly anticipating it!

Today a track from the new album was released, and it’s a message that desperately needs to be shared. “Fal$e Teacher$” deals with the proliferation of “prosperity theology,” particularly in Africa, where it has spread like wildfire. At about the 2:30 mark, he starts naming names. Check it out:

Here’s a video in which Shai Linne explains his motivation for writing this song, and why he chose to specifically call out some of the most popular preachers on the planet:

The book he references in this video (Health, Wealth, & Happiness: Has the Prosperity Gospel Overshadowed the Gospel of Christ?) is excellent (my review). If you or someone you know has been influenced by these false teachers, check out this book.

You can preview the rest of the tracks from Lyrical Theology here. I’ll leave you with a word from John Piper, who, like Shai Linne, doesn’t mince words about the health & wealth garbage:

2 comments on “Fal$e Teacher$ — Naming Names

  1. I hate to see John Piper’s name up there with all the others… 🙂

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