Non Scholae, Sed Vitae Discimus

As another school year begins (yes, it’s still JULY; welcome to Cookeville), I’m reminded again of the extreme importance of conveying to our children a biblical worldview. From Nancy Pearcey’s excellent book Total Truth:

A school superintendent once told me that most educators define “a Christian teacher” strictly in terms of personal behavior: things like setting a good example and showing concern for students. Almost none define it in terms of conveying a biblical worldview on the subjects they teach, whether literature, science, social studies, or the arts. In other words, they are concerned about being a Christian in their work, but they don’t think in terms of having a biblical framework on the work itself.

In many Christian schools, the typical strategy is to inject a few narrowly defined “religious” elements into the classroom, like prayer and Bible memorization—and then teach exactly the same things as the secular schools. The curriculum merely spreads a layer of spiritual devotion over the subject matter like icing on a cake, while the content itself stays the same.

Thank God for Highland Rim Academy!

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