Essaying the Situation

The blog’s been quiet for a while, but it’s certainly not because I haven’t been writing! I had term papers due for two classes on Friday, and am currently working on an additional essay project. Once I finish it, I should be free to get back to regular posting, which hopefully will include finish the half-dozen book reviews I’ve got saved in my drafts folder.

When things calm down a bit I may try to post all or part of my essays for those who may be interested. Here are the topics I chose for my papers:

In my “Survey of Christian Ethics” paper, I wrote on the potential war with Syria from the perspective of Christian Just War Theory. Cliff’s Notes version: Stay out of Syria!

I had a lot of fun writing the paper for my “Philosophy of Religion” class. I proposed a new theodicy, attempting to “solve” the problem of evil. Before this one hits the Internet, though, I’d like to bounce the idea around and get feedback from some people (particularly my philosophy professor) and try to refine my arguments a bit more.

The essay I’m writing currently is for the Ayn Rand Institute. Every year they give away a lot of money for essays written on topics related to Rand’s novels. This year will be my first entry, and I’m writing on topic #2 in the Atlas Shrugged competition, which is the only one open to graduate students. I’d like to say I’m not in it for the money, but that’s just not true. I can think of a few things I could do with $10,000…

3 comments on “Essaying the Situation

  1. I would like to read your paper on Syria when you finish. If I were you I would concentrate on what will happen to the rest of the world if Syria is not punished for using chemical warfare. The United States is within reach of rockets from some nations.

    • John Gardner says:

      The paper is finished, but I’m actually not certain whether or not I’m supposed to put school papers on my blog. I know I’m not allowed to post the Ayn Rand Institute essay on here.

      But I likely will put something up about Syria, either the paper itself or a condensed version of it. I am curious to see what comes of this Russian proposal, though. I’m no fan of the Assad regime, but the rebels who are fighting them are even worse. There’s no good that can come out of American military intervention right now.

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