Book Review: A Comaraderie of Confidence

full_a-camaraderie-of-confidence“A Camaradarie of Confidence: The Fruit of Unfailing Faith in the Lives of Charles Spurgeon, George Müller, and Hudson Taylor” by John Piper

2017 Reading Challenge — Book 3: A Biography

What’s better than reading a biography of one of my favorite 19th-century saints? How about reading three of them!

I’ve been a fan of John Piper’s “The Swans Are Not Silent” series for some time. In each of these books, he unites three short biographies around a common theme. In this instance, all three men were contemporaries, who knew one another and supported one another’s ministries (though this is not the case in each book in the series).

A Camaraderie of Confidence explores how God worked through difficult circumstances and remarkable ministry strategies (particularly in the realm of funding their missions) to glorify himself. Each of these men was incredibly gifted, and would likely have been successful in any venture he might have undertaken. But each led a life consumed with proclaiming the glory of God, which was displayed in their respective focuses of church (Spurgeon), orphan care (Müller), and world missions (Taylor).

I have read longer biographies of each of these three men, but still gained much from reading this book. Piper’s narrow focus on certain similarities in their strategies and in their sufferings is quite effective at highlighting those areas in the reader’s attention. For me, it was particularly encouraging seeing how each of these men set goals, cast vision, and worked tirelessly in pursuit of the work to which God had called them. Reading of the struggles these men faced both personally and professionally is fuel for endurance in trials I know that I’ll face as well. Piper includes a great many quotes from the writing of each of these men, while also interspersing his own helpful commentary. A favorite example is Piper’s counsel to young pastors about taking care of our bodies through proper diet and good sleep habits, “for the sake of your proper assessment of God and his promises” (p. 53).

If you’re not into the habit of reading biographies, I highly recommend beginning with one of Piper’s “swans” books. They are easily digestible, highly applicable, and can generally be read in a few short sittings. You can grab a copy of A Camaraderie of Confidence here, and any (or all!) of the other six books in the series here.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Piper explaining why he loves writing “The Swans Are Not Silent” books, and speaking to the value of biographies in general:

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