Reading Challenge First Month Summary

blog-bannerAs I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have made a commitment to read and review at least a book a week. The blog serves as good accountability!

To ensure a diverse reading diet, I am loving Tim Challies’ 2017 Reading Challenge book list. While I’m not reading the books in the exact order he lists, I am sticking to his suggested categories as closely as possible.

Thus far, I’m a little ahead of schedule, but I know the end of the year is always crazy so a healthy buffer will help. Here’s where things stand so far:

Technically, this last one was a re-read, and it won’t be the only one this year. There are a handful of books I try to read regularly, and Mohler’s book on leadership is definitely one of them! I read it last week with the Worship Ministry interns, and thoroughly enjoyed having our senior pastor, Phil Jones, come and lead our book discussion. It was my third time through the book, and I gain more from it each time!

As for February… I am currently reading four books (I often have different books to be read at different times). These include:

How about you? What are you reading these days?

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